Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Team WhyMommy's Virtual Science Fair

When I found out that Stimey at www.stimeyland.com was hosting a virtual science fair for Whymommy, I knew Bam and I had to participate.  What a great way to show support to a fellow scientist, mom, and blogger!  

Bam and I enjoyed doing these space related crafts today.  By far his favorite was the 'stars on the wall' craft.  

For magic stars,  draw stars or other objects on a white poster board (card stock or construction paper would work) then cover the paper with diluted black tempura paint.

To make stars on the wall, cover one end of a toilet paper roll with black paper then poke tiny holes in the paper. Shine a flashlight through the roll to view your stars.

We finished the night off with this book.


  1. We will definitely try the stars on the wall! My son loves using collecting the toilet paper rolls to make telescopes and all kinds of things. In fact, he's so excited about it that I've found large amounts of toilet paper in the trash can or toilet on several occasions :)

  2. Nice space-y day! Gotta get me some crayons!

  3. Excellent! Great idea for the magic stars! I think my kids would have fun dong that. Adorable rocket ship coloring too, by the way. Also? Is there ANYTHING you can't do with a toilet paper roll?

    Thanks so much for taking part in the science fair!

  4. Yes, toilet paper and their roll are a big hit at my house too. My oldest thinks tp makes great road/railroad tracks around the house.